Love It Guarantee

The California Wine Club stands behind every bottle we feature and your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. If you don't love it, we will replace it immediately.

Our Love It Guarantee means that any bad, broken, or disliked wine will be replaced immediately.

How can we make such a promise?

Because we can’t afford not to.

For more than three decades The California Wine Club has been delighting wine enthusiasts with handcrafted wines from thousands of small family wineries. We couldn’t possibly support this many wineries, for this many years, unless every customer knew that if they’re not happy, they’re not stuck.

We love exploring wine country, discovering new wineries, meeting the families, the winemakers and then selecting wines to share with our members. We taste a lot of wines to find just the right ones. Hundreds of wines are rejected each year because we have one goal: ensure the wines we send are ones our members will love.

We invite you to give our wine club a try for yourself or treat someone to a wine club membership gift today and share the story of artisan wineries.